It is compulsory to push tutorials via git by Friday afternoon at 17h00. If you do not submit the tutorials, you fail the course.

You must also push a signed plagiarism form as a pdf file via git with each submission. Only pdf files are accepted. Find a free pdf editor to do this. If you do not submit the plagiarism form, we don't mark your tut and you get zero.

Note that the tutorials are compulsory assessments.

You are supposed to use the code libraries supplied with the prescribed text book when coding the tutorials.

Note that some tutorials may require you to submit multiple .java files. That is allowed, but your main file must be (replace 01234567 with your student number, and x with the tut number). Only submit the .java files. Do not submit any other file type and in particular do not submit .class files or data files, unless instructed to do so.

For any git issues, please refer to the local gitlab info page.

All the tutorials are available on sunLearn.