6 April: Updated project spec and test cases on sunLearn. The project midterm handin is compulsory. We will mark it and give feedback with the marks. Note that the full project will be marked again with the final handin (you may request a remark of phase 1 then).

Handin date Demo date Marking scheme
10 May N/A Phase 1 marking sheet
14 June18 June Marking sheet

Project organisation

  • This is an individual project. We encourage discussions on the project, but students may NOT share code. The projects will be tested for plagiarism, and identical code will result in a zero for the project for all students involved. Please don't plagiarise -- rather come and speak to me if you get stuck on the project.
  • You may use library code from the internet, but only for non-core parts of the project. Such code must be acknowledged in your source code, and must be authorized for use by a demi. You may not use any image libraries such as OpenCV.

Guidelines and rules for the projects

  • The article by Popovici, which explains the use of cellular automata for image processing.
  • Every commercial company for which you will work one day, will have its own guidelines for style and comments. In this course, you must follow the Google style guide for Java. In terms of comments, you have to use JavaDoc style.
  • There will be no extensions. Make backups.
  • There will be no tolerance of plagiarism of any kind. Your handin must include a signed electronic plagiarism form in pdf format.
  • Project demonstrations are compulsory. No demo, no marks.
  • All projects MUST run in NARGA, and MUST work on the Linux in NARGA. No other versions of Linux, or (heaven forbid) Windows submissions accepted.
  • You have to use git to hand in your projects. No other submission methods accepted. During tut0, we will assist you to create your git repository.

Using git

Please refer to http://git.sun.ac.za for all issues concerning git, or email Andrew Collett (ajcollett -at- sun -dot- ac -dot- za) directly.