• 6 April: Updated project spec, marking script and test cases on sunLearn.
  • 15 March: Welcome to CS214. Please note that the first meeting will be online on Teams, at 09h00 on Monday 15 March 2021. If you do not have your own computer, please join a friend or sign on in NARGA.
  • Note the assessment dates on the web page, and please please please note the rules for evaluation.
  • More on linear recurrences.

Teaching mode in 2021

This course will be offered via augmented learning type 2 or 3, for lectures and tutorials. Assessments will be open book and online via sunLearn or git submissions.

Module framework


Prof L van Zijl
Office: A520, General Engineering Building,
Email: lvzijl -at-
Head demis: Chloe Basson: 21555745-at- sun dot ac dot za
and Caleb Zeeman: 21018030-at- sun dot ac dot za

Meeting times (subject to Covid regulations)

  • Monday: Gen Eng A406, 09h00 to 10h00
  • Wednesday: Gen Eng A406, 12h00 to 13h00
  • Thursday: Gen Eng A406, 08h00 to 09h00
  • Friday: NARGA G and H, 14:00 to 17:00 (tutorial)

Course texts

  • Prescribed: Algorithms, 4th Deluxe ed, Sedgewick and Wayne.
  • Recommended: The Nature of Computation, by Moore and Mertens.
  • Recommended: (only if you are interested in the mathematical foundations underlying this course): Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms, by Sedgewick and Flajolet.
All assessment questions come only from the prescribed book. Read the other two for your own enlightenment.

Important dates

Date Time Venue Event Marks
Fri 9 Apr 14h00NARGA G, HTest 1 chap 2 Test1Marks
Fri 30 Apr 14h00NARGA G, HTest 2 chap 3 Test2Marks
Fri 21 May14h00NARGA G, HTest 3 chap 4 Test3Marks
Mon 12 Jul09h00NARGA G, HTest 4 chap 5 and sick test

Date Time Venue Event Marks
Mon 10 May13h30Project midterm handin Project marks (subject to plagiarism checking)
Mon 14 June 13h30Project handin
Fri 18 June 14h00TeamsProject demo Project marks: final
Fri 18 June 14h00Prac sick tests; project remarks

Date Time Venue Event Marks
Fri 16 Apr 14h00NARGA G, HPrac test 1 Marks
Fri 11 June 14h00NARGA G, HPrac test 2 Marks

Test dates for other subjects: Scientific Comp 14 May, Math 23 April, MathStats 28 May, Oper Res 2 Jun, Maths 24 May, Appl Math 19 Apr.