Evaluation and marks

  • PLEASE read the yearbook for rules regarding flexible assessment. In particular, no remarking or additional assessments will be granted if you fail at the end of the semester: "3.1.3 In the case of modules that are evaluated by means of flexible assessment, no re-evaluation of test scripts and other assignments for assessment shall be considered. "
  • This module is assessed via flexible assessment. The final mark of the module will be calculated as follows: tutorials 5% + practests 5% + theory tests 50% + project 40%.
  • All assessment opportunities are compulsory. If you miss any assessment opportunity and have a valid medical certificate, you could be re-assessed at the final test opportunity. If you miss an assessment opportunity due to any other reason, you will receive zero for that opportunity. If you miss more than one assessment in any category, you receive an incomplete for the course.
  • There is a sub-minimum of 40% for the average of the theory tests. There is a sub-minimum of 40% for the project.
  • A final mark of at least 50% is required to pass the module.
  • No late handins are allowed. Ever. No extensions. Ever.

Plagiarism policy

Familiarise yourself with the general plagiarism policy of the university. In addition,
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a signed electronic copy of the standard Computer Science plagiarism form, in pdf format. If you do not submit a plagiarism document in the required form, you receive zero for that assignment.
  • The project will be individual work (not group work).
  • No code may be shared amongst groups.
  • All submissions will be pushed through a plagiarism detection system, checking all the submissions for the assignment, checking the web for existing solutions that were copied, and checking submissions from previous CS214 year groups.
  • All project submissions will be demo-ed, where you will defend your knowledge about the program code.