Teaching mode in 2022

Depending on Covid regulations, this course will be offered via augmented learning type 2 or 3, for lectures and tutorials. Assessments will be online via sunLearn or git submissions. This is NOT a UNISA type course. You are expected to attend lectures either face to face or via Teams. Extra information on sunLearn are only additional, and the lectures for 2022 are the definitive source for information.

Module framework

Please see sunLearn.


Prof L van Zijl
Office: A520, General Engineering Building,
Email: lvzijl -at- cs.sun.ac.za

Meeting times (subject to Covid regulations)

  • Monday: Gen Eng A406, 09h00 to 10h00
  • Wednesday: Gen Eng A406, 12h00 to 13h00
  • Thursday: Gen Eng A406, 08h00 to 09h00
  • Friday: NARGA G and H, 14:00 to 17:00 (tutorial)

Course texts

  • Prescribed: Algorithms, 4th Deluxe ed, Sedgewick and Wayne.
  • Recommended: The Nature of Computation, by Moore and Mertens.
  • Recommended: (only if you are interested in the mathematical foundations underlying this course): Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms, by Sedgewick and Flajolet.
All assessment questions come only from the prescribed book. Read the other two for your own enlightenment.

Important dates

As per the module framework on sunLearn.